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Thembinkosi Gcoyi, an esteemed former diplomat of South Africa, is a highly skilled professional exhibiting a profound passion for public policy and proactive stakeholder engagement. His sterling career, underscored by his role as a thought leader, is characterised by precision, strategic vision, and influential leadership.

In 2015, Thembinkosi was driven by his passion for policymaking and communication to establish Frontline Africa Advisory. This strategic platform was envisioned to stimulate and accommodate pivotal policy discussions among Governments, Businesses, and Community entities, thereby fostering holistic development.

In the course of his illustrious 6-year journey leading Frontline Africa Advisory, Thembinkosi has accrued a wealth of experience through direct interaction with an array of leaders and crucial stakeholders spanning diverse industry sectors. His strategic insights and empathetic understanding of various perspectives have solidified his position as a master communicator and facilitator.

His work extends into some of the most stringently regulated sectors of the economy, such as the tobacco and alcohol industries. He brings a rare depth of understanding to his role, born of comprehensive knowledge of the public policy-making process, bolstered by a robust background in research. His insightful perception of the intricate interface between politics and policy marks him as a unique asset in his field.

His prestigious tenure as a diplomat provided Thembinkosi with extensive exposure to international developmental debates. He actively participated in discussions at the highest levels, including the United Nations, African Union, and the Southern African Development Community. This global experience has furnished him with a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the world’s most pressing issues.

He is well-versed in current debates encompassing climate change, the just transition to sustainable energy sources, the integration of gender considerations into mainstream policy, and public health. His insights and expert knowledge in these areas underpin his capacity to navigate complex dialogues and enable constructive change.

Thembinkosi is a forward-thinking strategist, a respected thought leader, and a dedicated advocate for comprehensive policy development and stakeholder engagement. His multifaceted expertise and vast experience make him an invaluable asset in the arena of public policy and international relations.

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