Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Mapping and Management is a core competence for Frontline Africa Advisory. All our service offerings hinge on proper and detailed stakeholder mapping, with clear categorisation, prioritisation and assessment for power dynamics and influence.

Our stakeholder mapping and management capabilities are not only focused on government and state institutions, but also third-party stakeholders who may wish to make common cause with our clients, or who have set themselves in opposition to client needs. In all cases, we endeavour to understand the entire stakeholder landscape to ensure proactive identification of opportunities, as well as management of challenges before they arise.

Our methodology is firmly rooted in a meticulous examination of the relevant issues impacting your industry. Leveraging our proficiency in stakeholder mapping and management, we develop a robust understanding of your stakeholder ecosystem, identify and prioritise key stakeholders, and craft their profiles aligned with your business objectives.By conducting in-depth interviews with selected stakeholders, we formulate an exhaustive understanding of their perceptions concerning your initiatives and the overall enterprise. Subsequently, in light of these insights, we devise a strategic set of recommendations. This aids our clients in accentuating positive impressions while simultaneously attenuating any negative perceptions.

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